3D printing service – Trends 2019

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The new trends in 3D printing service have been published by the company 3D Hubs. The focus is on industrial 3D printing with a special focus on the automotive industry.

In this regard, the most important change in 2018 has been the change in the perception of technology. Here are some of the main findings of the report:

  • The automobile is leading the way in the development from manufacturing to large-scale production.
  • SMEs are THE largest users of online 3D printing.
  • The 3D printing market is expected to double every three years.
  • California and the UK are the most skilful in online 3D printing.
  • Education is the main barrier to wider adoption of additive manufacturing.

The criteria chosen to develop the 3D printing service trend report

To produce this report, they drew information from five different sources:

  • Transactional data from orders on the 3D Hubs platform
  • A survey of 400 companies using 3D printing
  • Publicly available data from market analysts
  • Systematic review of media reporting
  • Exclusive interviews with the CTO of Desktop Metal and the VP of Ultimaker

What will be the trends for the coming months?

Brian Garret, co-founder and CPO of 3D Hubs, cites standardization as the key to greater industry adoption.

“Engineers want the same result every time they print. For many years, industrial 3D printing has been synonymous with reproducible results. However, it takes time for international organizations such as ASTM and ISO to publish their technical standards. So many innovators, such as BMW and 3D Hubs, are developing their own internal processes to ensure quality. This will accelerate the industrial adoption of 3D printing.”

Source : 3D Hubs Blog

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