TH INDUSTRIES want you to benefit from our experience!!!!

We have been offering our services in the production of FDM plastic parts for almost 6 years. Indeed, we are no longer beginners (even if sometimes we still  have hard time, but it’s for our greatest pleasure!!!!!).

We started from a simple observation, many people hear about 3D printing but don’t really know what it is (I generalize but I’m not far from it). It is no longer a fantasy but a reality and it will develop in the years to come, it becomes unavoidable. The advantage we have is that we speak “real”. Our experience is the best proof that what we say is a reflection of the market reality.

accompagnement technique


We have a great conference (held regularly) that we can hold at your home or at the location of your choice. This conference covers the spectrum of 3D printing (technology, material), it’s use and it’s future. It lasts 1 hour and is also accessible to the uninitiated (we use barbaric words that are translated and explained).


We have a lot of machines, which makes it possible to come to you in a small group (5 or 6 people maximum for conviviality) to do a discovery workshop. You will handle the machines (small FDM machine), first steps of calibration, simple parameters. Once the machine has been launched, we will take up parts of our conference in the form of a presentation, going into more detail on certain points, and at the end the “adventurers” will leave with a small piece representing the “power” of 3D printing. The conference takes place over half a day, in a friendly atmosphere. This initiation is not reserved for initiates but for beginners. ??????


Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter!!!!! The fun is over, time for work. Our role is to accompany you in the design of parts, choice of materials, mechanical resistance. In short, to become UNBEATABLE! A PRO! (Be careful not to be better than us. ?????) This can come in several formats, either come directly to us in immersion or in hours of accompaniment (support, or redesign) to be defined together.


the top of luxury!

You will become a real expert, and ready to invest. Not just any way, we will be there to help you.

First of all, we will analyze your needs and your skill level so that you don’t buy just any machine. We are in favour of learning by stages, getting your hand on a simple one and then ending up with a beautiful, beautiful machine

Our accompaniment is defined together (by the hour, mission…).

Once again our experience will be your best ally. We had the chance to test many machines (not all of them, we are not pretentious enough). Moreover, our workshop is sometimes better supplied than some salesmen’s showrooms.

So no problems to analyze and help you to choose THE right machine.