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3D modeling with wire deposition technology (FDM) and the design and production of measuring tools for laser trackers. These two technologies are our two areas of expertise with our fleet of more than 40 machines.

Founded in January 2013 by DRONIOU Dominique, TH INDUSTRIES, specialist in 3d printing in Angers, designs and manufactures measuring tools for laser tracker.

Its manager has more than 15 years of experience in this field and has worked for the biggest companies (AIRBUS, DASSAULT, AREVA, etc.)

We also offer our customers technical support.  To let you benefit from our experience through conferences, initiation workshops, learning and mastering of the different techniques used.

With this background, our team will be able to find a solution adapted to your needs! In parallel and oriented by AIRBUS, it is at the end of 2013 that TH INDUSTRIES discovers 3D printing through FDM technology (fused wire deposition), the “GEEK” side of its leader was attracted by these possibilities. And from threads to needles what was a “fun” has been transformed into reality! The capacities of the machines and materials make FDM a real alternative (reliable and serious) to traditional means of production. Now additive manufacturing is a real activity within TH INDUSTRIES.

In addition to a mastery of the process, we keep in stock several materials, each more technical than the other. Thus, we can meet the various constraints of our customers.

We are in perpetual standby, and track down THE machine and THE modern and innovative material! Just look in our machines.